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200009 1 H. T. Su, R. R. Hsu, Alfred B. Chen, S. F. Chen, S. B. Mende, R. L. Rairden, T. H. Allin, and T. Neubert( 200009 ).Observation of the Angel Sprites, Cospar Colloquium on Space Weather Study using Multipoint Techniques, Taipei, Taiwan. "Angel sprites are column-like sprites, which are capped with diffuse hair regions and trailed by tendrils. This paper presents some interesting properties of the angel sprites observed in the SPRITES’99 campaign from Kitt Peak, Arizona. From the observed images, it is noted that there are faint columniform glows preceding the angel sprites, but not for other types of sprites. For the angle sprites, the top of the leading glows and the top of the tendrils roughly match in altitude, but the leading glows extend to lower altitude below the tendrils. At its brightest stage, the sprite streamers are topped with diffused hair regions and trailed by branches of luminous beads and smaller, fainter and slant side branches. These luminous beads and the side branches are the main components of the tendrils. Some sprites occurred at the same location separated in time by hundreds of milliseconds to a few minutes. In these recurrent sprite events, the earlier sprites seem to have some influence on the dynamical behavior of the later sprites."
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200009 2 S.B. Mende, H.U. Frey, R.L. Rairden, H.T. Su, R.R. Hsu, T.H. Allen, T. Neubert and E.A. Gerken( 200009 ).Fine structure of sprites and proposed global observations, Cospar Colloquium on Space Weather Study using Multipoint Techniques, Taipei, Taiwan. In order to understand sprite processes we, have to explain the phenomena from spatial scales of a few meters to the scale of thunderstorm cells. The intricate small-scale vertical structuring of sprites or the so called beads are particularly difficult to understand. From a two-station triangulation featuring observations from Kitt Peak, Arizona and Socorro, New Mexico, it was possible to make high resolution observations of the sprite structure when the sprite events occurred within the field of view of the narrow field imager. In several cases the lower altitude luminous filamentary structures of columniform sprites (C sprites) consisted of slant directed, nearly vertically aligned columns of intense pinpoint like beads. The distance of the sprites from the observer was measured and the altitude and vertical spacing of the beads were estimated. The distribution of beads showed that the most frequently observed bead spacing is between 0.6 and I km. The vertical and horizontal size of the bright luminous beads was about 80 m or less. The bead spacing showed a trend to increase with altitude and the e folding distance or attitude "scale-height" of bead spacing was found to be 20 and in another case 25 km. In order to make systematic observations of the large-scale sprite morphology a satellite based instrument the Imager for Sprites and Upper Atmospheric Lightning (ISUAL) instrument is planned to fly on the Taiwanese satellite, ROCSAT 2. The instrument will consist of an imager and two bore-sighted photometers. The imager will locate the sprites near the earth limb and make global synoptic measurements while the photometers will measure the spectral and temporal properties of sprites and other upper atmospheric luminous phenomena in a number of different wavelength regions uninhibited by atmospheric absorption.
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200108 3 H. T. Su, J.L. Chern, Lou Lee, R.R. Hsu, Alfred B. Chen, S.B. Mende, H. Fukunishi, and Y. Takahashi( 200100 ).Sprites observation on the FORMOSAT-2 satellite, IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, Hanoi, Vietnam. (invited)
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200108 4 Han-Tzong Su, Alfred B. Chen, Siow- Fang Chen, R-R Hsu, S. B. Mende, R. L. Rairden, T. H. Allin, and T. Neubert,( 200100 ).Dynamical properties of Angel Sprites, IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, Hanoi, Vietnam.
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200108 5 Huang, M. A. and ISUAL collaboration( 200108 ).Study UV background by the ISUAL experiment, Proceedings of the 27th International Cosmic Ray Conference., Hamburg,, Germany. The UV background is an important noise for space borne air-fluorescent experiments such as OWL. However, very little is known about the UV background. One of its possible sources is lightning. Some upper atmosphere lightning could emit strong UV light and be misidentified as an up-going neutrino signal. The ISUAL (Image of Sprite: Upper Atmosphere Lightning) experiment on ROCSAT 2 will make global surveys of lightning induced luminous phenomena from orbit. This experiment employs a six-channel spectrophotometer with two channels targeting at 337.1nm and 391.4nm, which are the UV signals used by air-fluorescent experiments. The ISUAL will measure the global distribution of upper atmosphere lightning and airglow. Such information could help experiments such as OWL to reduce background noise due to lightning.
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200108 6 H. T. Su, R. R. Hsu, S. B. Mende, R. L. Rairden, T. H. Allin, and T. Neubert( 200108 ).Dynamical Behavior of Sprites, AP-RASC '01, Tokyo, japan.
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200108 7 Y. Takahashi, H. Fukunishi, S. B. Mende, H. T. Su, J. L. Chern, L.C. Lee, and R. R. Hsu( 200108 ).Strategy of Sprites and Elves Observation by ISUAL/ onboard ROCSAT-2 satellite, AP-RASC '01, Tokyo, japan.
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200108 8 H. T. Su, J. L. Chern, L.C. Lee, R. R. Hsu, A. B. Chen, S. B. Mende, H. Fukunishi, and Y. Takahashi( 200108 ).Sprites Observation by ISUAL Onboard the ROCSAT-2 Satellite , AP-RASC '01, Tokyo, japan. (invited)
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200109 9 H. T. Su, A. B. Chen, R. R. Hsu, and L.C. Lee( 200108 ).Observation of Sprites Over the Asian Continent, AP-RASC '01, Tokyo, japan.
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200109 10 S. B. Mende, H. U. Frey, R. L. Rairden, H. T. Su, R. R. Hsu, T. H. Allin, T. Neubert, E. A. Gerken, and U. S. Inan( 200109 ).Fine Structure of Sprites and Proposed Global Observations, Solar-Terrestrial Magnetic Activity and Space Environment, Proceedings of the COSPAR Colloquium held in the NAOC, Beijing, china.
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