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2006 May 29

The NASA Television Channel

Explanation: Do you ever feel like watching the NASA channel? If so, in addition to standard cable access and the standard NASA TV web pages, it might now be possible to watch NASA TV simply by accessing today's APOD. Watch cool rocket launches, real-time return of scientific results and images from deep space probes, press conferences, and interviews with scientists, educators, and astronauts. To see the channel optimally, one should have a broadband web connection and Windows Media Player properly installed. Options for watching NASA TV on other platforms are also available. On most computers, a sound adjustment slider is available on the lower right. Double clicking on the image will expand the image to fill your computer screen. A standard schedule is available for NASA's Public TV channel, as well as a live events listing and an educational programming guide. APOD thanks Lior Shamir for help in coding the hypertext that runs the above television-to-web link.

Tomorrow's picture: old rhea

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